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About us as players:

Most of our core raid group has been raiding and playing together for several years.
We all have lives outside of WoW. For some it's children and jobs, for others it's college and a job. We enjoy getting together to run old content and PvP and the occasional harassment of each other.

Our goals for MoP:
We can not devote 30+ hours a week to raiding (see above). We will however focus on downing content as a guild as fast as possible. This will all be achieved on a very modest raiding schedule, and a slightly relaxed raid environment.
We raid Wed and Thurs at 8pm server.  We use Loot Council to distribute gear evenly through the raid.  The loot council takes into consideration
*Raid Attendance
*Being on time
*Ready to go with your own buff items (the guild does provide them but don't rely on it!)
*Listening to RL and Assists
With that being said, no ones raid slot is ever safe. If you mess around and don't perform, you're spot may be replaced next raid.  Please be on time and ready to go.

We're looking for skilled players, plain and simple. If you consider yourself to be an absolutely amazing player, and you want to get !@#$ done but not raid your life away... fill out the guild application.   It's important to note that we're always open to applications, regardless of class and/or spec! We'll trial anyone who we think can compete with (Or do better than) our current raiders.

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